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The Rainbow Pen

hexpiritusFeb. 12th, 2004 01:40 pm Movie Fest

All right, I've rented the TV for Feb. 27th, from 4pm to whenever-I-decide-to-leave. Bring as many movies as you can to the GLBT Center that are connected to writing. (Those that are a] fucking cool, b] involved with queer issues, or c]involved with erotica, get special preference.) If we get more than 5 movies, we'll take a vote as to the top 3 we'll watch, and in what order. You can only participate in the vote if you are there. First come, first serve.

Movies that are being brought so far:
-Wonder Boys
-De Sade documentary/movie (in French, possibly w/ subtitles)

I'm gonna go down to Invisible Cinema and see if I can find "I am an S&M Writer."

As for tomorrow, Feb. 13, I've yet to figure out what's happening. It might just be a regular meeting. Apparently the Centre is being used for the Girls Club, so perhaps we'll have to just go someplace else. Depending on how many people show up, we'll take a vote and play it by ear.

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hexpiritusFeb. 9th, 2001 08:25 pm Movie List So Far (will be updated continuously)

Note: Looking for movies with a writing theme, especialy interested in anything that also touches on erotica or GLBTQ issues.

The asterisk (*) signifies I have personal interest in the movie, regardless if I've already seen it. If you have any other movie ideas, or own any of the movies listed, please leave a comment.

*Quills - about the Marquis De Sade
*Dead Poets Society - a group of private school boys who start a literary secret club
Wonder Boys - wacky life of a university professor trying to top his first novel with a second one that's been 7 years in the making
Finding Forrester - teen writing prodigy finds a mentor in an old author who hasn't written in awhile
*Futei no kisetsu (I am an S&M Writer) - Japanese film, a successful s&m writer who needs to watch the activities to write his pieces gets into many misadventures, especially with his assistant and his disgruntled wife (who calls him a pervert).
Joe Gould's Secret - About the tumultuous relationship between two writers named Joe with differing careers
*How much for a half kilo? - A writer resorts to selling body parts to finish his work, while his "editor" keeps demanding changes
The Devil and Daniel Webster - A writer sells his soul for fame
The Night and the Moment - writer "seduces" marchioness, warning: seems like soft-core porn-- with Willem Dafoe!
This Is Not A Love Story - comedic romance love triangle between an aspiring writer, an artist, and a soap actor.
The Script - funny (and perhaps educational) movie about screenwriting
*Trick - Two gay guys trying to find a place to be alone for the night, comedic romance, one of them's an aspiring writer, the other's a stripper

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hexpiritusFeb. 8th, 2004 01:00 pm Last Meeting

...went great, despite people being late (mainly myself). Queenie read some ghastly good stuff, and to those who showed up, we learned that networking and the internet are important for seeping some life into our non-existent independent writing careers.

We're thinking of having a movie evening next Friday, Feb. 13. I'm going to have a look-see into getting the T.V. for the centre, if anyone brings any movies about writing in. So far we have "Wonder Boys", maybe "Dead Poets Society", and anything else I can think of.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and a special thanks to Queenie Tirone. ^_^

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hexpiritusFeb. 2nd, 2004 03:02 pm UPDATE:

1) Friday was apparently great, Ben read poems, Taryn read her stuff, and Steve read the first couple of pages of a new erotica piece. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there, as I was finishing up the zine. BUT IT'S DONE! It's being proofread by the higher-ups in the inner sanctum GLBT Office. Hopefully it'll be released soon.

2) "Wilde About Sappho" @ 4pm in 2017 Dunton Tower, Wed. Feb. 4-- wine reception after readings! Best of all, it's free. Readers: Felice Picano, Karen X. Tulchinsky, Suki Lee, Will Aitken, and George Ilsley.

3) Queenie Tirone coming in FOR SURE this Friday, Feb. 6, to do a reading of her horror works. She's had stories published in such anthologies as "Chim & Her" and "Chimeraworld", and has her own anthology published, titled "Behind The Bull's Eyes." To know more about this spunky, sexy, devious independent horror writer, visit The Crevice.

4) Feb. 10 Open Mic @ Mike's Place-- come out and read your stuff!

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hexpiritusJan. 29th, 2004 11:53 pm Queenie Tirone Readings Postponed

Due to Campus Pride Week happening at Carleton, and conflicting schedules, Queenie Tirone will not be coming in tomorrow. She'll be coming in next week. Also, the Rainbow Pen meeting will be shortened to an hour (6-7pm) because of the headliner concert down in Oliver's happening at 7.

Other Stuff:
Thank you for your patience, and hope to see you at the meeting. Oh, and I might bring a bit of erotica as well. Hopefully I'll have copies of the zine with me, or at least the master copy. Technical difficulties (damn computer) is going to make this a tight squeeze. Thanks for everyone's support, submissions are no longer being accepted for this issue, needless to say. Now accepting submissions for the next issue. Theme: Love & Lust.

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hersteriaJan. 25th, 2004 05:06 pm Inspired

Yesterday (Sat), I was inspired to start a new erotica. I was at school all alone doing Calculus and went on a break outside in the cold weather. Anyways, I wrote about 4 pages of it and there's still more I can do.

I'm so glad that I get to use writing as an outlet of personal expression rather than a tool to be used by command. i.e. I don't like essays and so far I haven't written one in university. Amen to that. Same thing with reading too, I've really enjoyed my freedom to read or not read what I want.

Good day,

ps. how the hell do i get this LeTigre song out of my head? it's been 3 days now!!

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hexpiritusJan. 25th, 2004 01:02 pm Update on Friday's Meeting

People sharing their work:
1) Ben read two poems
2) Erica and Steve finally read their two juicy bits of erotica, Erica's having a more romantic, slow foreplay, deeply sensual feel, while Steve (who read this piece last meeting, but I thought he should read it again) had a story that mixed naughtiness, family issues, writer's block, and trying to get a date to a humorous and well-written degree. Both had metaphors and similes that completely blew me away, either with its imagery and beauty, or its completely random and hilarious impact.

Review of News:
1)Queenie Tirone is definitely doing readings for us next meeting. I'll post the where and when of it sometime this week.
2) The zine will definitely be out by this Friday. I'm still waiting on a certain photography (*cough*Terence*cough*) to give me his damn pictures.
3) Heather's Artshow!!! People submit stuff to her for February. Open Mic @ Mike's Place on the 10th.
4) Wilde About Saphho's Feb. 4 @ 4mp, Dunton Tower

Thanks for all who showed up. I apologize if I seemed a bit scatterbrained that night.

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hexpiritusJan. 22nd, 2004 09:12 pm Update on Upcoming Event:

Heather from the GLBT Centre is organizing an Art Show. She's looking for anyone's poetry/writing/art so she can display it at Mike's Place. To add to this gallery, on Feb. 10, she will be having an Open Mic (also at Mike's Place) for people to do spoken word, poetry, slam, monologues, etc., and it would be incredibly, indubitably awesome for any of The Rainbow Pen peeps to do a reading of their work, or even get someone else to do it for them, if they're too shy.

The meeting tomorrow and next week will have discussions on better ways to do readings and how to get over stage fright and the like, as well as the release of January Issue of The Continuum Zine, and Queenie Tirone!

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hexpiritusJan. 18th, 2004 02:23 pm Thank You Erica

I seemed to have forgotten to put this in the mass Rainbow Pen Email that I sent out five minutes ago, but Sweet_girlygirl (Lara) AND Hersteria (Erica) lead Friday's meeting. So thank you both, sweet ladies, for that.

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hexpiritusJan. 18th, 2004 11:09 am Update on Jan. 16 Meeting

Unfortunately, I was unable to moderate last meeting, as I had a prior engagement at the CUSA Mosaic festival/presentation/event/thing.

Sweet_girlygirl was able to keep the meeting going, and I've heard that Steve finally read his erotica, which wil be placed in this issue of The Continuum. Which officially makes this issue an 18+ event.

Next meeting, Jan. 23., we will be discussing the next Continuum issue, which'll probably be this huge huge HUGE thing packed with goodies, as its theme is Love & Lust. This one definitely is an 18+ issue.

I'll try to get Queenie Tirone to come in either next week or the week after to do some readings. I'll also be asking around for anyone who wants to submit to the Art Show that's going to be run in February at Mike's place a floor down from GLBT. Heather's running it, so you can contact her directly, or I'll contact her for you if you're a lazy sloth.

Thanks for those who showed up this meeting, hope to see you at the next. Also, thanks to anyone who has submitted to the January issue of the Continuum.

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